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02 FEB 19



CREATING CURVES: the fundamentals

ONE DAY WORKSHOP: $199 Per Person/Min. 10 ppl


This is an Introduction to mobility and movement patterns: squat, hip hinge, single leg variations, basic push/pull, core, supplementals. 

  • Upper & lower body rehab (shoulder and hip mobility drills)

  • Dynamic Warmup sequences

  • Mind muscle connection

  • Fundamentals in technique for all the major movement patterns and lifts

  • Upper & Lower Body Workouts

  • Basic daily programming - learn how to train for YOUR objective

  • Basic nutrition & lifestyle guidelines

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About The Creating Curves Workshops

Alexa regularly runs Creating Curves Female Focused One Day Workshops throughout Australia, and internationally.  The workshops teach the fundamentals of lifting correctly and are aimed at encouraging women to be educated and empowered in the weights room. They are suitable for beginners wishing to improve their confidence, for more experienced lifters who want a technique refresher, and for personal trainers wishing to have a more comprehensive approach to female fitness and fat loss.

This workshop includes:

  • Mobility drills and dynamic warmup sequence

  • Drills to engage the key stabilizers for the upper and body

  • Technique Masterclass for the major upper and lower body lifts

  • Full body shaping and fat loss focused workouts

  • A plan of attack to combat stubborn areas of body fat using training, nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

 To be added to the mailing list for future workshops, or to host a workshop in your facility, please contact Alexa directly on alexa@alexatowersey.com