Creating Strong, Shapely & Sexy Curves Without Bulk In As Little As 6 Weeks


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What Is Creating Curves?

Designed to specifically target women's "problem" areas, Creating Curves does exactly what the name suggests. The combination of lower body and core focused strength exercises and plyometric based intervals encourages the development of strong, shapely, sexy curves.

The nutrition and lifestyle guidelines focus on improving digestive health and balancing your hormones, which is the key to fast, safe and long lasting results.

If you want to improve your posture, change the shape of your body, and build a booty to die for without spending hours in the gym, then this program is for you.

LET ME SHOW YOU how to use weights to create shape and tone without adding unwanted bulk

Creating Curves

Creating Curves 1

Creating Strong, Shapely, Sexy Curves without bulk in as little as 6 weeks

  • Targeted mobility & dynamic warmup sequences
  • Glute activation drills
  • A structured 6-week circuit based weight training program
  • Additional suggestions for cardio and recovery
  • Information on why you store body fat in specific areas
  • Lifestyle recommendations to target YOUR own problem areas
    • Jelly Bellies
    • Muffin Tops
    • Thunder Thighs
  • Nutritional guidelines promoting a healthy digestive system
  • One Week Sample menu plan featuring Alexa's favourite gorgeously green smoothie recipe.

One-time Payment Of Only $49

BE EDUCATED in how to use weight training to create strength and shape without adding any unwanted bulk

Alexa... got to know my “problem areas” – my bum and thighs – and designed a program that worked on them. I had never touched weights before, but I loved that I was able to change the shape of my body, improve my posture and embrace my curves. I’ve never enjoyed exercising as much as I do now, which means that it’s something I can and will maintain on my own without spending hours in the gym.
— Renae Ayris xx

BE REWARDED with the results YOU WANT in less time than ever before

Frankie G
The Creating Curves program has completely transformed my training, my lifestyle and my body shape! It has taught me that consistency is the key to success and that hard work in the gym following a structured weights program, paired with a balanced diet and the right recovery outside the gym, will achieve the best results. ‘

I feel leaner and stronger than I ever have before and that is testimony to Alexa and how attentive she is throughout the whole program. Her focus on form has given me the confidence to lift weights in the gym and the variety of exercises that the program offers has kept me motivated throughout. I feel accountable not only to her, but to the people that I train with every day.
— Frankie G.
Laura F.
Having spent a lot of time in gyms over the years, I trained mostly to feel exhausted at the end. Training with Lex provided me with a structure, a plan and a very clear purpose.

I feel empowered with a better understanding of strength training, my body and the physical reaction that stress has on it.

For me, the game changer has been the inclusion of yoga/meditation/stress release as I’ve always held stress in my mid-section. Plus she’s an oracle of information/support and still yells at me from across the gym floor ;)
— Laura F.
Amy H
I found the lifting of weights extremely satisfying, in a very different way to how I had previously experienced slogging it out on a treadmill. By targeting more specific areas I began to see my muscle development. Once you start to see the changes it makes sticking to a cleaner diet easier- you simply don’t want to undo the hard work and for the first time, by being more controlled with my eating, I actually had baby abs.

The biggest thing I learnt was that it is quality over quantity in gym time - flogging my body in brutal HIIT classes wasn’t the only option. By incorporating weights into my routine I now have a far more sustainable weekly program allowing me to maintain my results long term.
— Amy H.
Catherine S.
During the 6 months I committed to weight training, I became stronger and fitter than I had ever been in my life, developed real definition including in my thighs, which are my real problem area and achieved things in the gym I never thought I would be able to do.

In addition, having guidance on the full spectrum of things that are important to get and stay fit including diet, planning my day and getting enough sleep allowed me to fast-track my weight loss and got me to the leanest and fittest I had been in 20 years.
— Catherine S.


BE SMART and invest in yourself TODAY. You have the power to create the body of your dreams with a lifestyle that works for YOU