Losing the Love Handles

Losing the Love Handles

If the holiday months have managed to turn your six pack into a muffin top size problem, then now is the perfect time to get rid of that unsightly overhang.

Unfortunately training hard is not enough. We now know that your hormones affect where your fat is stored, and muffin tops are correlated with the hormone insulin. They are a direct consequence of poor blood sugar management, most often related to a poor diet, and you can't out-train a poor diet. I often refer to the hips as my "lie detector test". On the bright side, insulin is the one hormone that we have complete control over.  No one ever ate anything by accident. 

What Your Body Fat Says About You

What if I told you that scientific spot specific fat reduction did exist, but just not in the way you think?  Read on if you want to know why you store fat and how you can start coming up with a plan of attack to target your own problem areas.