Meet the Creating Curves Online Transformation Challenge Winner

At the end of last year I ran my first ever Creating Curves Transformation Challenge ONLINE.  The Winner was Tamzin Shotbolt, a Media PR and Promotions Manager AND single mum from Moonee Beach who lost an incredible 16.5cm off her waist!!  Whilst she only lost 2kg on the scales, you can clearly see the change in her shape and posture from all the posterior chain work we did.  See what she had to say below. 


"I know what I’m doing in the gym. But I never did it. There’s a clear difference in writing a little program out for yourself and following someone elses.

I’ve always loved the gym and previously trained with PT’s and Strength and Conditioning coaches but then got into triathlons and it’s so easy to get into the mentality of “ride more” “run more” “swim more” and freak out at the thought of training in the gym (even though I very well know the benefits of strength training). So I lost a lot of muscle. AND I was actually putting on fat! It drove me CRAZY! I have a job where I sit down a lot so there’s very little incidental exercise. I have 2 kids (as a single parent), and I work full time, so I don’t have a huge amount of spare time to waste, I have to use my time wisely. I put on 8kg in the last 2 years even though I’d train 4-6 times a week!! And I don’t have a horrendous diet! I love healthy food! It was so frustrating to be going backwards.

I’d go to the gym and work out but I wasn’t getting anywhere – I would think I was pushing myself but I really know that I wasn’t. A lot of what I was doing was cardio.

I had a friend show me Alexa Towersey on Instagram and not long after that she posted about her challenge. The timing was impeccable. There really was no question, I had to take this opportunity – it was exactly what I needed! The last 2 years have been a bit of a struggle and I had lost a lot of fitness and motivation. I’ve just been getting less and less fit and fatter!! This was my opportunity to get back!!! It was MEANT to be!!

The best part about having this program was that I didn’t have to think about it. I really loved the structure sessions. You went there and got it done. And you got to know the exercises really well so it became more fluent. I had girls asking me in the gym ask me if I could show them what I was doing, they could see it was such a great program. I loved that I could see my progression with my strength and fitness EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Even in the warm up!

It was challenging but so satisfying. And as it got easier I’d either push myself to go faster or increase the weights. I’ve pushed through this boundary now and I’m so pumped to continue.

I have actually never met Alexa, but she maintained a great relationship online which was so empowering and kept me going.

I am so glad I didn’t waste the last 8 weeks. Thank you so much Alexa! You are truly inspiring and I am so grateful to have done this."